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The music of the spinning wheel will be as balm to your soul - Mahatma Gandhi
Wooldancer spins yarn

Fibre Artist Michelle Snowdon teaches, exhibits and creates handspun yarn, threads with unique form and construction processes, sculptural expressions and wearable accessories

Michelle is acclaimed among international fibre art circles for her unerring inquiry into the art of handspun yarn creation. As a full-time fibre artist, Michelle innovates thread constructions, designs neckwear, pushes the boundaries of how thread is formed and brings the process to students around the globe via hands-on workshops.

Michelle's expressive yarns bring a vibrant, modern twist & fresh design to her wearable accessories. Every step of the making process is nurtured by the artists hands.

Here in the website shop you may browse Michelle's creations, purchase a one-off timeless piece, take a workshop or simply be inspired by her process of making extraordinary artisan yarn.

Artist Statement:

Michelle Snowdon is a Blue Mountains Fibre Artist internationally and nationally acclaimed for her unique enquiry into the process of handspinning yarn. Michelle considers the art of handspinning as a deep self-expression. Through experimental enquiry into unconventional techniques, Michelle’s handspun threads push the boundaries of how yarn is made on a humble spinning wheel. Natural wool, raw silks, hair and remnant materials recycled from discarded cloth are incorporated into her handspun yarns to find a new expression, nurtured by her heart and hands. ‘The living energy of natural fibres breathes life into cloth. Wearing a handspun garment brings a warmth like no manmade material can emulate. Textural undulations express not only the journey and process of handmade cloth, it holds a story, revealing a connection between maker and material as the thread forms in the spinner’s hands. My yarns imbibe a living warmth that deeply nurtures, expresses and responds to body and soul.”

"It begins with making extraordinary yarn, expressive threads ebb & flow and loop together, creating a luxurious tactile experience for the wearer. Each yarn I spin is a one-off work of wearable art.

Hand-crafted yarn holds a story, telling threads become a metaphor for life's journey.. every inch of yarn undulates with a living rhythm to create individual expressive works, as well as functional wearable garments, beanies, & textile jewelry, gifts of pure warmth from my hands to yours.

Sustainable materials, processes and techniques are the driving-ethos behind my studio practice. Wool is sourced both locally & organically where possible from Aussie farms, Peace Silk is harvested only when the moth has completed it's full life-cycle, dye colours are organic, and I personally produce each item every step of the way from fleece to fashion using the humble spinning wheel. Viva la Handspun Revolution!

- Michelle Snowdon, May 2015