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Since 2009, Australian fibre artist Michelle Snowdon as been teaching art yarn hand spinning and dyeing in Australia and the USA.

Her handspun art yarn and designs one of a kind wearables have been published in books by Lexi Boeger (Pluckfluff), and Ashley Martineau (Howtospinyarn).

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Wooldancer spins yarn

Michelle Snowdon is a Blue Mountains Fibre Artist internationally and nationally acclaimed for her unique enquiry into the process of handspinning yarn. Michelle considers the art of handspinning as a deep self-expression.

Through experimental enquiry into unconventional techniques, Michelle’s handspun threads push the boundaries of how yarn is made on a humble spinning wheel.


It begins with making extraordinary yarn, expressive threads ebb & flow and loop together, creating a luxurious tactile experience for the wearer. Each yarn I spin is a one-off work of wearable art.

Hand-crafted yarn holds a story, telling threads become a metaphor for life's journey.. every inch of yarn undulates with a living rhythm to create individual expressive works, as well as functional wearable garments, beanies, & textile jewelry, gifts of pure warmth from my hands to yours.

Sustainable materials, processes and techniques are the driving-ethos behind my studio practice. Wool is sourced both locally & organically where possible from Aussie farms, Peace Silk is harvested only when the moth has completed it's full life-cycle, and dyes are certified organic and heavy-metal free.